Application to join Cherish
Welcome! I'm so excited that you're here.

This is an application to join Cherish, my 1-on-1 mentorship program for worthiness and self-love.

This program is limited to 4-7 women who have already decided that they are worthy of being supported. They have decided they WANT to be supported. They feel a deep calling to do the expansive inner work, empower themselves, and stop holding themselves back.

If that's you, I'd love to have you in this program!

Here's how it goes:
1. Submit your application
2. If it seems like this program would serve and support you, I'll reach out to you with the details and a payment link.
3. After your payment goes through, you'll receive more information on how we will start this journey together!

First 3 sign-ups ONLY. Offer valid until February 16th.

Choose your support option:
1. Cherish Elevated: 8 weeks of Voxer support
Special offer: $2,197 or 2 monthly payments of $1,100

2. Cherish Devoted: 16 weeks of Voxer support
Special offer: $4,397 or 4 monthly payments of $1,100

All prices are in USD.

Please answer the questions below and submit your application!

I'll review your responses and get in touch with you soon.

All my love,
Viivi March
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Why are you interested in joining Cherish? What is the change you're most looking to create? *
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What do you think is holding you back from making this a reality? *
Have you done any other work around personal growth before? (Coaching, courses, etc.) How was this experience for you? *
In Cherish, we explore healing through deep inner work such as meditation, journaling, and other spiritually infused practices and principles. How open are you to this? *
Are you able and willing to make the emotional and financial investment in yourself? See details at the top of the page. *
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