Filmmaking at Hook Arts Media
Hook Arts Media's filmmaking programs are after-school and summer intensives open to teens and young adults. Students earn minimum wage while learning filmmaking techniques. During the Spring and Fall, Hook Arts Media offers a 7-week media intensive after school on Tuesdays and Saturdays. During the session, students research the topics that most interest and impact them while mastering various skills necessary to eventually produce, direct, and edit their own mini-documentaries. At the end of the session, we offer a screening, where students show the final product and discuss their work.

During the summer, Hook Arts Media offers a 4-week Digital Boot Camp. Students attend classes and field trips 4 days per week under the tutelage of our master teaching artists. While learning filmmaking skills, they research a local business and produce a mini-documentary about that business. In 2017, Hook Arts Media introduced the 1st Annual Kashif Bobby Cox Memorial Award for Achievement in Digital Filmmaking in honor of a beloved former teaching artist, Kashif Bobby Cox, who passed away that year. This award recognizes at least one Hook Arts Media student or alumni who has made exceptional strides in filmmaking.

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