iPad Initiative - Survey for Parents - June 2017
Parents - Please answer each question below.
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iPad - Use as a learning device / tool
Textbooks *
Does your son use his iPad to access electronic books / resources ?
Organiser *
Which of the following describes your son's use of his iPad in assisting the organisation of his school work / activities (eg. timetable, recording homework, e-mail, etc.)
Productivity *
Does your son use his iPad to produce work for class ? (e.g. text / video / presentations / etc.)
Activities *
Which of the following activities (if any) are you aware of, that your son has completed on the iPad :
Subjects *
From the list below, please tick the subjects (of which you are aware) in which your son uses the iPad as part of his learning (either as a means of accessing books / resources or producing work):
Device usage in school *
Does your son use his iPad in school on a daily basis ?
Feel free to comment on any of the areas mentioned in this section:
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iPad Initiative - General
Initial provision *
Are you happy that your son was equipped with an appropriate device, casing and range of software (apps) ?
Training *
Are you satisfied that your son was given (and continues to be given) sufficient direction / training in how to use his device ?
Support *
Are you happy that both you and your son have sufficient support regarding any issues / queries / problems / etc. that have (or might arise) from this device ?
Support - 2 *
Are you aware of how / who you (or your son) should contact if assistance or help with the iPad is required ?
Communication *
Are you satisfied with the communication(s) that have come from the school at the different stages of this initiative ?
Finance *
Are you satisfied with the financial arrangements put in place for the provision of these devices ? (i.e. cost shared between school and parent / guardian).
Payment *
Are you satisfied with the payment machanisms put in place for these devices ? (ie. through sQuid system or via Student Secretary)
Learning experience *
Do you , at this stage of the year, think that use of this device has improved the learning experiences of your son (in terms of motivation, engagement, innovation, etc.) ?
Pilot *
Would you recommend that the school continues to implement this initiative with next years' Yr 8 pupils ?
Feel free to comment on any of the areas mentioned in this section.
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