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1. What does your current fitness routine consist of (days per week, exercises you do, etc) *
What is your age range? (Must be 18 or older) *
2. In a year from now, what's your dream body look like? (please be specific, such as weight, body fat percentage, etc) *
3. How much progress towards your fitness goals did you make last month? *
4. What roadblocks are slowing you down from attaining your dream body? *
5. Do you have a personal trainer or are following a specific program you found/bought? If so, please tell us what the program is or what your trainer has you do. *
6. How is your fitness progress going? (Most are in one of 3 places)*Poorly (zero to little progress) *Struggling (some progress, but not as fast as you like) *Successful (good progress, just looking to sustain it) *
7. If you could begin making fast progress towards your fitness goals, would you be interested? *
8. Could you handle the additional attention you'd get from friends as well as the opposite sex from making such fast progress? *
9. What's your first and last name? *
11. What is your Mobile Number  *
12. What kind of help are you looking for right now? *I want a DIY Solution ($) (Money's very tight and I'd rather learn and do it by myself)**I want a Hands On Solution ($$$) (Money's not an issue for you. Want 1 on 1 done with you coaching) *
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