Dataceptor Reseller

I'm Jacob and would appreciate if you could help me understand the market for Dataceptor. By answering these simple questions you can help me solve a complex puzzle. I need to create an excellent product that will solve a real problem for the customers and enable both you and I to do business with it.

I know you are busy but this will be a big help for me :-)
Where did you first hear about the product?
How difficult was the installation?
Clear selection
Who will the users be?
What devices do you imagine that your customers will use with the Dataceptor?
How can I make the product better for you?
Is a list price of $1998 a reasonable price?
Clear selection
What is the name of your company?
What is your name?
What is your main area of work?
This could be something like consultant, sales, or CEO.
Is it ok if I contact you?
Please leave an email address or a phone number.
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