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2019 Merit Badge & Individual Program Sign up Form
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Use this form to enroll each Scout in individual Merit Badge and Camp programs. PDF of the Merit Badge Schedule can be found at
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The Thunderbirds
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First Class Path (1st Year Camper Program)
To enroll a Scout click below, You do not need to sign them up for any merit badges unless they opt to take a class at 6:30 AM, 7PM or 8PM. They will automatically be enrolled in Merit Badges as part of the First Class Path program. Skip this section if not participating in this program.
Click below to enroll a Scout in the FCP
Merit Badge Sign Up
Use the pulldown menu to chose a merit badge (Remember, you don't need to take a badge in EVERY Session)
Session #1 - 6:30 AM
Session #2 - 9:00 AM
Session #3 - 10:00 AM
Session #4 - 11:00 AM
Session #5 - 2:00 PM
Session #6 - 7:00 PM
Merit Badges Scheduled by Appointment
ATV PowerSports
Age 14 + (Click Below to enroll) Permission forms will be emailed prior to camp, please provide Scout's email address below. Skip this section if not participating in this program. More info about our ATV Program can be found at
ATV Power Sports Enrollment
Email address of Scout enrolled in the ATV Program
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Other Programs Offered
Programs open to Scouts & Adults. Skip this section if not participating in this program.
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Trail to Eagle Specialty Weeks (Week # 1 & Week # 6 ONLY)
T2E Merit Badge (Check Box to Enroll)
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