2023 London Lovecraft Festival Application
February 13th-19th , 2023
The Drayton Arms Theatre

Please fill out this form carefully. If there are any questions you'd like answered before completing this form, please email us at londonlovecraftfestival@gmail.com and we'll get back to you in short order.
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Individuals can of course apply!
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In 300 words or less, tell us about your show. More than a synopsis, we want to hear about your inspirations and ideas and goals for this production - why Lovecraft, what's your angle, what gets you excited about it and what will excite or challenge an audience?
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Running time *
In general, there will be two, one-hour slots available per evening, with additional matinee shows on Saturday and Sunday, and shows will be expected to fit within that 60-minute window. Longer productions may be accepted subject to higher festival fees. Similarly, in the event we have numerous short pieces submitted we may consider a joint evening of shorts and will negotiate financials accordingly.
For pieces under 45 minutes...
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The festival is organized to help maximize visibility and potential profit for participating companies.

A £100 per-performance participation fee helps offset the costs of venue hire and festival marketing, which includes significant targeted online advertising, printed media, and inclusion in the full colour festival programme.

In return, companies receive 100% of box office receipts, less any online ticket processing fees. Tickets purchased at the door have no fees.  

More details can be found here http://londonlovecraft.com/for-companies/
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About You
About the Company *
Tell us about you! Who are you as a producing artist or company? Share your background, your production history, where you've been and where you want to go. If you haven't done much, that's okay; we're completely open to supporting new artists and new work but want to know about your goals and plans and ability to bring your vision to life.
About the team
Including cast and crew, roughly how many are involved in this particular show?
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More about the show
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Have you done a video trailer? If you have we'd love to see it!
What's the buzz?
Has the show been done before? Please share links to reviews or production photos - we can use this for marketing!
Other upcoming productions
Will the show be performed between now and the festival? Or do you have other confirmed opportunities afterwards? If so, please let us know when and where - we're all in favor of cross-promotion!
Other supporting info
Already have a press pack? Let us know! If you haven any other information or collateral you'd like us to see and consider for your application, tick here and we'll follow up on email.
Marketing and promotion
Part of the festival fee helps us help you with visibility in the festival programme and marketing activities in print and online. However, to be truly successful in drawing an audience you'll need to do plenty of your own promotion as well, and we'd like to know your thoughts and plans for doing so.
What is your marketing strategy? *
Contact information
This detail is for when we prepare the the contractual stuff to offer positions in the festival. This information will only be used for communication and filling in contractual forms. The information of successful applicants may be shared with the Drayton Arms Theatre for festival admin purposes only, but in no case will this be shared with other external parties in any way without prior consent from the named contact.
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