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Heyy babe!!  My name is Ella. If you made your way to this application quiz than you are probably either interested in working with me or maybe you just have a few questions about it.

I recently left my job of two years to focus on myself and my business/brand. I will be attending FIDM (the fashion institute of design and merchandising) to pursue dreams of having an online store/personal brand. Within one day of leaving my job I was offered this opportunity by a friend of mine and it was kind of random, but making the decision to partner up with such and amazing and supportive group of girls has already been life changing. This team that I am apart of helps put things into perspective and allows your own personal goals to be within reach (financially and mentally). When I joined this team I was looking for opportunity to grow, travel, network, and honestly just put my efforts into something I genuinely love and this is definitely that.

When this whole possibility arose for me I was MORE than skeptical, haha that's normal don't worry. However, it was extremely short lived because within seconds of the FaceTime call I had speaking with my mentor (who is amazing) I had confidence in the business and myself to WANT to jump right in. There are so many amazing women from all over the country that are there to help you an each other and you really can't go wrong with that!

This job lets you set your own schedule, work from anywhere with Wi-Fi, travel the world, network with empowering and successful women, and get PAID. Like a LOT. I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity because I have no clue how I would have attained anything else like it.

Here are just some of the things you learn when you join me:

➝ How to organically grow your Instagram
➝ How to influence products you love
➝ How to brand yourself as YOU on social media
➝ How to create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed + stories
➝ How to make an extra income through the power of social media
➝ How to market/sell without being "salesy"
➝ How to utilize personal development to build your mindset
➝ How to create engaging and interesting content for your followers
+ and soooo much more!

My mission is to teach those who want MORE in life how to live a life of abundance, freedom, and happiness through networking and the power of social media. This is SO much more than what you see on the surface, and we're just getting started.

If you're someone who is ↴
ready to hustle
& a hard worker..

You'd be a great fit working with us!

I could go on and on about the things this business could do, but how about you see for yourself? Please take the time to fill out this form and be as honest as possible!
 I’ll be back to chat with you about more information ASAP! Can’t wait to see where we can go from here.
~Ella <3

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