SONY 2018 USA Games Coach Application
Below is the list of the eligibility requirements for becoming a coach for Team NY for the 2018 USA Games. Please be sure that you are aware of and agree to the following BEFORE filling out the application.

• Attend all training sessions as outlined by his/her Team New York Program;
• Able to attend a possible State Training Camp, scheduled during State Summer Games from June 15-17, 2018 in Albany NY;
• Adhere to the SONY Coaches Code of Conduct;
• Be a SONY registered Class A volunteer and undergo a background check;
• Be SONY sport certified in the sport you are applying for;
• Be assigned your sport and athletes, potentially from outside your area/region for the duration of travel to, during and from the Games, including housing sites, competition venues and during the Delegation training camp prior to the Games;
• Be able to travel for approximately a two (2) week period end of June into July 2018 to attend the Games;
• Agree to act as chaperone during all times of travel;
• Understand they may be removed from the Delegation at any time for failure to adhere to the principals or fulfill the responsibilities of the criteria as set forth by the Team New York Management Team and/or Special Olympics North America;
• Upon selection to Team New York, be under the direction of a Head of Delegation (HOD) staff person who will supervise and assist the participants;
• Agree to allow SONY to include you as a USA Games Coach in pre/post publicity as well as in fundraising efforts;
• Agree to complete all 2018 USA Games registration paperwork including but not limited to SONA Consent and liability form;
• Be in good health and be comfortable outdoors in warm/humid weather for extended periods of time;
• Be able to handle walking long distances (15 mins+) to and from different venues- no shuttles on a large campus;
• Possess skills, behavior and attitude to successfully function as a member of a team (e.g. handle stress well, positive attitude, flexibility, possess and respect leadership).

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Coach Code of Conduct
Special Olympics New York is committed to the highest ideals of sport and expects all coaches to honor sport and Special Olympics New York. All Special Olympics coaches agree to observe the following code:

Health and Safety of the Athletes

• Training
o I will ensure that the equipment and facilities are safe to use.
o I will ensure that the equipment, rules, training and the environment are appropriate for the age and ability of the athletes.
o I will review each athlete’s medical form and be aware of any limitations on that athlete’s participation noted on that form.
o I will encourage athletes to seek medical advice when required.
o I will maintain the same interest and support toward sick and injured athletes.
o I will allow further participation in training and competition only when appropriate.
• Travel and Competition
o Ensure acceptable supervision and maintain an adequate 4:1 volunteer/coach-to-athlete ratio.
o Prepare for travel and overnight trips lodging (need for same-sex supervision), Work out the most effective rooming and seating arrangements, taking into account athlete choice, behavioral and personality clashes.
o Prepare for supervision throughout the entire trip. There will be multiple event components to supervise such as Social activities, Coaches meetings, awards ceremonies, travel to and from events etc.

Respect for Others

• I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of athletes, coaches, other volunteers, friends and spectators in Special Olympics.
• I will treat everyone equally regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion or ability.
• I will be a positive role model for the athletes I coach.

Ensure a Positive Experience

• I will ensure that, for each athlete I coach, the time spent with Special Olympics is a positive experience.
• I will respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each athlete.
• I will ensure each athlete competes in events that challenge that athlete’s potential and are appropriate to that athlete’s ability.
• I will be fair, considerate and honest with athletes and communicate with athletes using simple, clear language.
• I will ensure that accurate scores are provided for entry of an athlete into any event.
• I will instruct each athlete to perform to the best of the athlete’s ability at all preliminaries and final heats in accordance with the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules.

Act Professionally and Take Responsibility for My Actions

• My language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation will demonstrate high standards.
• I will display control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved in the sport (athletes, coaches, opponents, officials, administrators, parents, spectators, media, etc.).
• I will encourage athletes to demonstrate the same qualities.
• I will not drink alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs while representing Special Olympics New York at training sessions, competition or during Games.
• I will refrain from any form of personal abuse towards athletes and others, including inappropriate or unwanted sexual advances on others, verbal, physical and emotional abuse.
• I will be alert to any form of abuse from other sources directed toward athletes in my care.
• I will abide by the Special Olympics New York policy on the prohibition of coaches dating athletes.

Quality Service to the Athletes

• I will seek continual improvement through performance evaluation and ongoing coach education.
• I will be knowledgeable about the sports rules and skills of the sport(s) I coach.
• I will provide a plan for a regular training program.
• I will keep copies of the medical, training and competition records for each athlete I coach.
• I will follow the Special Olympics Sports Rules for my sport(s).

I understand that if I violate this Code of Conduct, I will be subject to a range of consequences, up to and including being prohibited from coaching in Special Olympics New York.

I acknowledge that I have read the Coach Code of Conduct and agree to adhere to said terms. *
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