Application "Internship in India"
This is an application form for "Internship in India" for the years 2021/2022.

ONLY applicants will be considered from: Europe, USA, Australia and Canada.

Please read carefully all the questions and take your time to answer them in detail.

Before applying read carefully our infopack ( and if you have any questions, feel free to contact at

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Bear in mind that ONLY applicants from Europe, USA, Australia and Canada will be considered.
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Select several durations if you are flexible and might consider several options
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You are not required to have a teaching experience for internship, unless you aim to receive a monthly stipend of Rs 10000 (approximately £110 / €125 / $140 per month). Bear in mind that for the monthly stipend you have to fulfil two conditions: (1) be qualified and (2) duration should be 4 months or longer.
What is your teaching experience in more details? *
up to 60 minutes task: create a small ONLINE campaign on "English teaching" theme (can be anything you like, for example, creating 5 posts/photos with suggestions for children to learn English or 6 ways how to easily learn words or sharing 7 steps how to make an interesting exercise, or a youtube video with 8 great online apps for children to learn English). This campaign should be targeted at parents and the community to encourage their children (2-12 years old) to enjoy and even love English language. The more people will follow / like / comment on your campaign, the better. This campaign is also for you to learn and attract audiences for your purposes. *
Welcome to use any creative platform: social media (Facebook - provide a link that is accessible for public view, Instagram - only if account is public and link could be viewed, etc.), personal website (free tools -,, blog, Video ( or or other creative online ways - please make sure it has a public (not private) viewing. Please link or tag to and use #internshipindia for us to follow your campaign (we will support your page as well) and make it more visible and seen by local community - this is for you, for your community and we will share your campaign in our network if it is good, tagging you back. If you need more time to create a campaign, send us a follow up email with the links at
Other remarks:
By submitting this application I acknowledge the following conditions:

1. I am aware that my application will be considered only if:
- I am from one of those countries: Europe, USA, Australia and Canada
- I complete and send online task to
- After receiving an email from us, i pay an iImmediate non-returnable application processing fee of £20 (or €23 / £28)

2. I will come to this internship fully prepared.

3. I will participate for the full duration of the programme. I acknowledge that this internship is a learning process and not a holiday, therefore I am committed to work on my development and manage my own learning, supported by the hosting and sending organisations.

4. I will take part in the post project activities: fill the evaluation form and disseminate the results.

5. I take full responsibility for my own insurance. I understand that the information provided on special needs does not remove my personal responsibility for ensuring my own health.

6. I agree with all conditions stated in the information package on
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