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Please fill in this form in and bring payment into the main office of your school. There are limited spaces on each program, so will be first come first served from the time payment has been made. If you're child really wants to participate but the money is an issue please email enrichedva@gmail.com as we have limited reduced price scholarships available.

Venmo: https://venmo.com/Easy-PE-TV
Paypal: enrichedva@gmail.com

Please visit www.enrichedva.com
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I understand that payment needs to be received by the school for my child to participate in this program, and places on the program will operate on a first come first served basis from the time that payment is received. (Please bring Cash or Check made payable to "EnrichEd LLC" to the front office of the school or Venmo: Easy-PE-TV or Paypal: enrichedva@gmail.com, please indicate child's name when paying) *
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