SSFL Radiation Sampling Sign-Up
Sign up for sampling below. Please note that per Fairewinds protocol, "By sending your samples for testing, you agree that the data will be made public, although your personal information with your name and location will not. When the data is released every sample will be mapped by GPS.." More information about the study is available here .
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Sampling should take at most 30-45 minutes and an adult (18 or over) must be at residence during the sampling. What days and times are best for you for our team to collect samples? *
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We are limited to the amount of residences we can test. We will begin with areas closer to SSFL and work outward as capacity allows. Please acknowledge that even though you have signed up, your property may not be tested. *
Several reporters have indicated that they would like to observe the sampling process. Please indicate if you are willing to allow media to accompany our sampling team at your location. *
Fairewinds requires us to write down name and contact information for properties we sample in the event they need to reach you. Your contact information will not be shared outside of the study, though the GPS of all samples will be published in the study. In some cases it may be helpful if we are able to share information. Please indicate your preference below. *
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