Adoptee Offering
If you need to rehome your hermit crabs please fill out this form.

Please be aware this is not the place to list hermit crabs for sale. Your matching adopter will expect the hermit crabs to be FREE. If you have supplies you wish to sell you can give the adopter the chance to buy them if they choose but the adoption can not be contingent on the purchase of your supplies. We also offer a buy/sell group where you can list your items for sale so long as they are safe items.

We will match you with an approved adopter in your area if one exists. Otherwise we will attempt to match you with another adopter in your country. Please note that hermit crabs must be shipped overnight with a heat pack if temperatures are below 75F overnight. We strongly discourage shipping during cold months.

Please keep in mind the people who run this program volunteer their time around their jobs and personal lives. All adoption inquiries will be replied to in the order they are received.
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