3 Day Detox
After every vacation or a major holiday I always like to come back and kick it in high gear with a 3 day detox. You can do this by following a structured plan that helps build your fat-burning metabolism, by nourishing your body and helping you break the cycle of bad eating habits that can be adopted while on vacation or during those busy holidays! The 3 day detox is not an all liquid detox that could drop your sugar levels, but is a detox that welcomes fruits, veggies, and healthy fats while also leaving out the starchy carbs, animal protein, and dairy for those three days. To have a better understanding watch my information video below.
Breakdown of the 3 Day Detox
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My Personal Testimony
Every time I take a before and after I flex 💪🏼 in both! I like to see where I have new definition and muscle tone appear or in this case, reappear 🤪. It's interesting to see that extra fluff and bloat created during vacation or maybe that over indulged holiday can take shape on your body.

I don't promote quick fixes!!! However, I feel that we all have moments that we know is not going to be perfect and we want to get back on track ASAP! Well after each vacation or major holiday that's how I feel! I want to not only have my physical appearance back, but also regain mental clarity, regain my energy, and really just feel like me again! This detox is the perfect kickstart back into my normal nutrition and feeling like myself again after our 2 week vacation to Vegas, then out to Florida.

The best part about the detox is how much better it makes me feel inside! When the detox is over I feel like a new person! I crave clean foods again, I'm ready to crush my workout, and I feel more focused and clear headed! Let me tell you that it feels good to get rid of that brain fog! I have people ask me all the time what detox do I recommend and hands down this is the best! I've done it about seven times and every time I love how it makes me feel afterwards even more! I've got tons of tips to help people through and be successful during those 3 days of the detox!

My 3 Day Detox Results
Kelly's Results with 8 lb loss
Chelsi's Results with a 4 lb loss
Deston's Results with a 6 lb loss
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