Questionnaire for Educational Organizations Providing Sport Services
This questionnaire is part of YIBinSport -project co-funded by Erasmus + Sport program. The project organizations (from Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, Sweden and Spain) are studying the different cross-sectoral stakeholders in sports for youth with migrant background (YIBinS). This questionnaire aims at exploring the grassroot situation in every country, looking also potential cooperation between different stakeholders.
Answering to this questionnaire is voluntary. All answers are anonymous, so that we can´t recognize persons.

The following questionnaire is for the professionals working in educational organizations providing already sport services such as: schools, universities, no-profit organizations working in the educational field etc.
1. Country and Partner Organization
Clear selection
2. Name
3. Typology of educational organization
4. Age of the students/participants
Clear selection
5. Number of students/participants
6. Number of students/participants with migrant background
7. Has this organization ever been involved in any sport program for youth with migrant background?
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8. If yes, please give some information
9. Would this organization be interested in participating in any such program?
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10. Does this organization have regular relations with municipality sport services, sport organisations or other services provider directed exclusively to youth with migrant background?
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11. If yes, please give some information
12. If not, is this organisation planning some cooperation between these different stakeholders?
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13. Any further comment about this topic?
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