Clipstone for the future
This short survey is being conducted by Clipstone Parish Council. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. The purpose of this survey is to gather residents' opinions on service provision in Clipstone. Your personal details will be kept safe. Clipstone Parish Council's privacy policy applies. You can find this on our website:
By completing this questionnaire you agree to Clipstone Parish Council using the opinions expressed in this survey to inform its future policies.

Clipstone Parish Council is trying to get a true picture. Therefore each member of your household should complete their own survey. There should only be one survey per person, whether on paper or electronically.
You can complete the form online at this address:
Does the current Village Hall (aka Parish Hall) on Church Road meet the needs of the wider community? *
Do you agree that the Miners Welfare and Social Club Buildings are a historic local landmark that should be updated and remodelled for future community use? *
Do you agree with the following statement? “Clipstone Village deserves a facility that can really become the focus of community life, that caters to the needs and interests of everyone in the parish and which is able to offer sporting, leisure and social activities in a flexible way. *
Do you agree that a new or improved facility could have the potential to improve the experience of living in and around Clipstone Village? *
Do you agree that the Parish Council should develop part of the Miners Welfare Social Club building into a modern community resource? *
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