Junior STEM Volunteer Application
Junior Stem strives to engage future innovators through interactive challenges. We understand that the world, the consumer market and the economy is forever changing due to technology, and that's why we think it is essential that education changes along with this eternal advancement of technology. We also understand that passion for STEM comes from a young age, so we ensure that we not only stress the concepts of stem but also build a love for the challenges that come with innovation. Ultimately, we want to ensure that every student enjoys challenging themselves with potential real-world problems while also being given an advantage in the forever changing technology climate. Also, Junior STEM acts as a social hub for creative minded kids who are willing to interact and share their STEM ideas. We realize the importance of cooperation and team work in order to thrive in a harsh and competitive world, and we try to instill these values since a young age by making our activities based on collaboration and team work.

Any high school student or incoming high school student looking to actively participate and give back to their community can be a volunteer for Junior STEM, regardless of their grade or gender.
Volunteers will be granted PVSA-accredited volunteer hours, and an opportunity to be a part of our hardworking team.

What we ask from you:
Your dedication to the cause.
Giving your utmost attention to club meetings.
Attendance to at least 1 club meeting every month:
Meetings are usually held every 2 weeks at libraries such as the Plainsboro Library, the West Windsor Library and the Princeton Library, and are normally 1-2 hours long.

Your answers to these questions may be brief, but please make sure they are quality,

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