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Please list your electives IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE (first choice - sixth choice) using the pull down menus. You DO NOT have to choose electives from each category (science / social science / computer science), but be sure your preferences are in the correct order. Please do not duplicate elective choices.

Please note: you will be placed in the appropriate English and math courses pending the results of the placement testing you take when you arrive on campus.

If a student registers for a CAP course and does not meet the requirements, he will be assigned to a different elective.

Courses are one semester in length, unless otherwise noted.

Those courses marked with an asterisk are not NCAA approved courses.

Courses are subject to change based on availability and student need.

Introduction to Environmental Issues
Genetics (CAP)
Human Physiology
Social Science/History
America at War (CAP)
American Civil War
Current Political Issues
Experiences in 21st Century Leadership*
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Theatre*
World Cultures and Civilizations

Computer Science
Business Technology Applications*
Digital Media Production (CAP)*
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Additional Services
Focused Academic Coaching and SAT Prep are two programs that are available for an additional cost and are not offered as credit courses. They are scheduled in addition to a student's four core classes (English, math, and two electives).

The Focused Academic Coaching (F.A.C.) process enhances quality of life, improves performance, and supports growth and change in enrolled students. Coaching provides support, structure and accountability. Coach and student explore strengths, talents, tools, and new learning to increase self-awareness and personal empowerment. Together they design strategies and actions and monitor progress by creating accountability in line with the goals and aspirations of each student. Most of the students who participate in the program have a diagnosis of ADHD or a learning difference, but a diagnosis is NOT required in order to participate.

F.A.C. combines two individual meetings per week with two individual "get it done" times. During "get it done" times, a student works on task lists generated during coaching sessions in the Academic Support Center, current writing assignments in the Goepel Writing Center, or specific coursework with a classroom teacher. There are a limited number of seats in this program. There is an additional cost of $5,500.

SAT Preparation is a strategy based class embedded in the academic day. Students attend two 50 minute classes per week from September thru early December. By enrolling in this class, students will also have access to materials to help them review on their own time.

I wish to receive more information about Focused Academic Coaching (FAC).
If so, please provide an email address for Ms. Amity Gottschalk, Director of Academic Support, to contact you.
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I wish to enroll in SAT Prep (Cost $550) *
Thank you!
You have almost completed the registration process. During your preseason/orientation week, you will participate in placement testing to help us register you for the rest of your courses.


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