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Minnesota Women's Circle rules
1. Are comfortable with boobs
2. Will not share unsolicited advice (sometimes even sharing your experience of what they are going through can send them to an unsupported headspace, instead practice compassionate listening and wait for THEM to ask for feedback)
3. Will not ask invasive questions (we’re all on completely different mothering journeys and there is no one way of doing things, sometimes asking questions can make the mama doubt their choices and their own power of knowing what is best for THEIR family)
4. Bring a snack to share
5. Ask if person is in a space to listen before emotionally dumping on them (sometimes, well for me it’s about 4 days a week, we do not have the capacity to hear venting as we are burnt out ourselves and setting that boundary keeps this a cup filling space, not cup emptying)
6. Adhere to host's house/family rules
7. Show all our mamas support and love

*Once we get these nailed down, I’ll go through them with examples at our first meet up so we can actually see what these look like in real life.
Any last thoughts?
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