The *New* Pony Convention Mega Survey
This should take about 10 minutes, probably less.  I just wanted a second independent survey.  This also has changes made for more accurate data reporting.

I would very much appreciate honest answers.

Please do not put identifying information in free-response boxes, I can not screen these for identifying information.  Saying things like "X happened at Y convention" may be enough info for others to figure out who you are.

By completing this survey, you agree that whatever answers you submit will be made available to the general public.

Your identity (including your name and email) will NOT be made available to any third parties. All data will be anonymized before release.

Your identity will NOT be included in any resulting reports or publications. All names and email addresses will be stripped off before release of any data.

I can not be responsible for a leak of your identity with free-response boxes, it is up to you, the survey taker, to make sure that you cannot be identified from free-form responses.  
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How many MLP specific conventions do you realistically plan on attending in the next 24 months? *
How many MLP specific conventions have you personally attended in the past? *
This is regardless if you paid to get in, were staff, were a community guest, etc.
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