Application to Launch your Collection with NFTORIGINS
NFTORIGINS is taking applications to help you launch your NFT Collection. We can provide creation of your collections desired illustration, NFT models and even your NFT launch strategy/drop.
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Tell us about your NFT collection. Is your NFT collection going to be released as an existing brand or a new brand? An existing brand will have an active audience base and community with high brand awareness. A new brand will have a smaller audience and less brand awareness. How big is your active audience base? *
What are your business goals in releasing an NFT collection? Publicizing your brand, selling digital collectables, selling digital tickets, offering giveaways, selling a course, content/music, selling access etc.... (If you are unsure all the value that can be added, our team will help guide you down the best path for your business) *
What is your launch strategy for releasing this NFT collection? This can be social media, podcasts, traditional advertising, press releases, etc.... (If you are unsure all the industry leading methods of releasing and promoting an NFT collection our team can help you the best strategy that works for your audience and you) *
How do you engage with your online audience? Please provide links to all digital assets for your business/brand. (Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, articles, webistes, etc..) *
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