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Bennelong Music Terms & Conditions
Band Rehearsals – If your school has a band, rehearsals will take place before school for 1 hour:
Gladesville Public: Mondays 7.40-8.40 Concert Band & Wednesdays 7.40-8.40 Training Band (hall)
Killara Public: Tuesdays 7.45-8.45 Junior Band & Wednesdays 7.45-8.45 Senior Band (hall)
Ryde Public: Thursdays 7.45 to 8.45 (music room)
St Charles: Mondays 7.45 to 8.45 (music demountable)
OLQP: Fridays 7.45 to 8.45 (music demountable)
Holy Spirit: Fridays 7.45 to 8.45 (music room)
Students need to arrive in time to start promptly.

Group & Private lessons are available at the following schools:
Gladesville Public – After School from 3pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
Killara Public – After school from 3pm to 6pm Mondays & Tuesdays
Ryde Public – During school hours Wednesdays & Thursdays
St Charles – During school hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons and Fridays
OLQP – During school hours Fridays
St Anthony’s, Marsfield – During school hours, Fridays
Holy Spirit – During school hours, Tuesdays
St Joachim’s – During school hours, Wednesdays

Band Only - students enrolled in ‘band only’ can only do so if they are having private lessons with an experienced and fully qualified local teacher.

Accessories – all students require a tutor book for band and lessons. This will be provided and invoiced by Bennelong Music. Clarinet & Saxophone players will need a steady supply of reeds and brass instruments will need valve oil/slide grease. Guitars will need replacement strings occasionally. Drummers will need sticks. We also recommend you purchase a music stand for practice.

Practice - along with school based rehearsal & tuition, it is expected that students will spend regular time at home practicing their instrument. At least 3 x 20 minute practices are required to satisfactorily revise each weeks’ tuition, perhaps more if a student is doing exams.

Fees – band and lessons are provided on a term-by-term basis with a term typically consisting of 9-11 lessons. Fees are payable at the commencement of each term and includes all tutorials/band rehearsals and performances for the term. If a public holiday, pupil free day or other ‘whole school’ activity occurs, a make-up lesson or credit will be applied. This does not apply to band as there will be additional rehearsals throughout the year in preparation for concerts and performances.

Payment – an invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of each term and is payable within 14 days by EFT, credit card or cash. We do not accept cheques. You will incur a late fee of $25 (+ GST), and your child may be excluded from rehearsals and lessons if unpaid. We do accept weekly payments if you have hardship. Please ask us about this.

Student Absences – please note that tuition is a ‘full term’ commitment as we employ teaching staff for a full term in advance. Due to the nature of group lessons, individual student absences cannot be made up. As such, no refund is provided for student absences.

Teacher Absences – if a teacher cannot be present for a lesson, a substitute teacher will be appointed. Where a substitute teacher cannot be appointed, a credit will be applied to your account on your next invoice or a make-up lesson offered if available.

Withdrawal – minimum commitment for tuition is 1 term. Notice of withdrawal must be given to Bennelong Music in writing before the end of the current term enrolled. Otherwise, the next term will be invoiced and you may be subject to a cancellation fee of $25 (+ GST). No refund is given for mid-term withdrawal.

Correspondence – enrolment, and general enquiries should be directed to Bennelong Music office:
Ph: 1800 788 639 (9am to 3pm Monday to Friday).
The office of the school your child attends will not be responsible for handling Bennelong Music business. Notes sent to school offices often take several days to arrive at Bennelong Music main office, so be sure to contact us directly.
Accounts enquiries to: accounts@bennelongmusic.com.au

Enrolment Fee – a $25 (+ GST) enrolment fee will be charged to all students who enroll after December 16th (last day of term). As teachers are allocated to schools and timetables finalised in early January, late enrolments are very disruptive to this process and this fee covers some of the extra administrative work to include these late enrolments.

Administration Fee – all students will be charged an administration fee per term of $12 (+ GST). This helps cover ‘general’ resources such as sheet music, photocopying, music stands, percussion, amplifiers, keyboards and general office administration. It may also assist in hire charges for use of practice rooms.

Photography – Bennelong Music sometimes uses photographs of students on its website, in brochures, newsletters and other promotional material. No personal details or surnames will be used and photos are used in accordance with Bennelong Music’s ‘Child-safe, Child-friendly’ policy. If you do not wish Bennelong Music to display photographs of your child, please notify us in writing via email.

Bennelong Music Teachers – all of our teachers carry a “Working With Children” identity number. They are also qualified professionals.

Website – you can access a variety of information on our website, including teacher profiles:

Band Tuition – $110/term
(Holy Spirit Band invoicing and pricing available via school office)
30-Minute Private Lesson - $41.80 each (= $38 +GST)
30-Minute Small Group Lesson (2 or 3 per group) - $27.50 each (= $25 + GST)
40-Minute Large Group Lesson (4 or 5 per group) - $19.80 each (= $18 + GST)
(NOT available for keyboard, piano, drums)
Administration Fee Per Term - $13.20 (=$12 + GST)

We offer the following instruments for hire on a term-by-term basis:

Saxophones - $110
Flutes - $99
Trumpets - $99
French Horns - $99
Tenor Horns - $99
Trombones - $99
Clarinets - $110
Acoustic Guitars - $44
Electric Guitars - $55
Acoustic & Electric Drums - $110
Keyboards - $55
Violins - $55

Please indicate on your enrolment form if you would like to hire an instrument and we will send you an application form.

Thank you.
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