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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Logjam Presents Green Team. The Green Team will assist with teaching patrons how to throw their waste into the right stream at our events, i.e. what can and cannot be composted or recycled, and what needs to be sent to the landfill. Please fill out the form below. Sean Doty of Missoula Compost Collection or Chase Bjornson of Logjam Presents will reach out about availability.

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Sean Doty: (406) 370-5876 // sean.doty@missoulacompostcollectionllc.com
Chase Bjornson: (406) 250-5861 // chase@logjampresents.com

About the Green Team:

Your job is to walk around and educate people about waste streams. SO many people throw their compost in the trash, or recycling in the compost, etc. It is the GreenTeam's goal to educate patrons about what compost is why it is awesome (and other awesome sustainability things). Furthermore, you should tell patrons about the City of Missoula's Zero By Fifty plan and how Logjam's efforts contribute to it. Everything we serve in concessions at Kettlehouse Amphitheater (cups/food/cutlery/straws/plates/paper towels/napkins/ice cream cups) besides the water bottles and beer cans is compostable. Most people don't realize that.

Zero By Fifty: https://www.zerobyfiftymissoula.com/

You'll check in at the box office 15 minutes prior to doors to receive your shirts. When it gets fully dark out, go ahead and bring your shirts back to the box office and enjoy the rest of the show.

You should also be versed in the Blackfoot River fund and be able to talk about it. Here is more info: https://logjampresents.com/blackfoot-river-fund/

More Going Green stuff:


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