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Hi Solomon’s Porch Community,

I invite you to take a few moments to reflect and share how you characterize your relationship within the Solomon’s Porch community. I hope to use this information to assess how we want to develop and cultivate the life and scope of this community. While your relationship to the SP community may shift (or has shifted) over time, consider this to be a snapshot of where you are now.

Please note: You are not expected to be anywhere other than where you are in the present moment. For the purposes of this survey, I am not asking you where you think you should be. I am not asking what this community has meant to you in the past. Nor am I asking for your perception of how others might view you. I simply want to know how you assess your engagement currently. Please answer as an individual and invite others in your family and relational circle to fill out this inquiry as well. No matter where you stand in relationship to this community, please know you are loved, accepted, and valued for who you are and as you are.


Victoria | Engagement Curator | victoria@solomonsporch.com | 612-695-3575

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