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If you're a DJ, and you have an interest in spinning at the venues at Whiskey SMASH sim in second life, this form has been created to get your information on file. This is not a job application, and Whiskey SMASH is not an employer. Whiskey SMASH is service provided by Zoe Jimenez to serve a community for music, art, and connections, funded by and run by the Whiskey SMASH community. Again, we hate job applications, so you don't need to fill out anything except your user name if you'd rather discuss it all in person, but what we look for is an interest in the project and passion for music rather than indifferent DJs just looking for a job.
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Who introduced you to Whiskey SMASH?
What are your favorite venues at Whiskey SMASH, and why? It's okay, no one can remember them all, but we're looking for your impressions on the place. "That black and white one, because it's big and feels different" is good enough. If you're new here, we'll be happy to show you around, and don't forget to pop by to see us in action.
What made you want to spin at SMASH as opposed to other venues? It is different in many ways which matter to some and not so much to others. What matters to you?
What SL clubs do you enjoy spinning at now, and why? This isn't a test, but just a way to get to know what you value in a venue.
What's your time zone?
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Feel free to share social media links, such as Facebook, Mixcloud, Flickr, etc.
What music excites you to play?
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