Innovation Summit 2017
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Propose a session to include at the University of Oregon's first Innovation Summit, an all-day, cross-campus event that will take place in Fall 2017. This event is meant to highlight innovation, trends, and entrepreneurship in various areas and disciplines, on campus, and in the community, through speakers, panels, interactive activities, performances, viewings, workshops and other info-sharing formats.

Some of the topical areas to consider are: Environment, Science & Technology, Music, Social Justice, Art & Literature, Media, Global, Sports, Entrepreneurship/Business, Gender & Sexuality, Skill-sharing/Career Prep, Making/Creating (open to other suggestions as well).

This form provides a way for you to communicate to us what content you'd like to contribute. We are keen to include many different sorts of activities and events and welcome all your ideas. Don't hesitate to think outside the box! We are also happy to help you develop your preliminary idea, so be sure to submit the form even if you can't answer all the questions or aren't sure how to move forward.

General questions?
Please contact: Kate Harmon (Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship) at

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