RES Late Start - Session 7 - April 10th
Parents/Guardians- We've got some great activities planned for the next late start morning. Please notice that these activities are FREE of charge and are open to K-4th grade students. In addition to the activities below, children will have an opportunity for some free choice and playground play. The deadline for signing up is April 10th.

Activities for this session include (kids will choose when they arrive and can switch activities throughout the morning)

COOKING: Smoothie
ACTIVE GAME: Capture the Flag
SCIENCE: Sensory Creations
ART: Tie-Dye Watercolors
QUIET: Board Game Bonanza

If you have any questions, please email Kady Kilbride and Kaitlyn DeAngelis at

If you sign your child up for an activity and then you find out that he/she can't make it for any reason, PLEASE email or text (802) 922-6880 prior to 8:00am on April 10th.

This form is two (short) pages. Please answer questions and "submit" your form on the 2nd page

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