DD WI 2019 Town Contact Survey
We would love for YOUR help! Please join our grassroots efforts by becoming a Decoding Dyslexia Wisconsin Town Contact!

How can you help?
*You would be provided guidance on when and how to contact your local legislators regarding dyslexia legislation.
*You would be provided guidance on how to engage constituents in your town.
*You would be a point person to your local legislators and community regarding DD-WI's dyslexia legislation initiative.

Becoming a "Town Contact" requires minimal time commitment, generally 5-10 minutes sending emails. Additional information will be provided once you sign up and the 2019 Dyslexia Bill is filed.

Thank you for being a part of this initiative.
Decoding Dyslexia Wisconsin

Your Wisconsin Town? *
Your name: *
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Please provide a brief statement of your experience: dyslexia identification, evidence -based programming, accommodations and experience with your dyslexic child in your local school district. This information will be used to advise policy makers of the need for the legislation but, only your town will be used as identifying information no names will be shared. Thank you, together, we are making a difference!
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