After School Creative Writing with Ms. Cicchetti 2016
In this session of our after-school creative writing workshop we will continue writing out short stories! We will begin to focus on the editing and revision process and ultimately developing our writing into complete and polished pieces. Students will continue to have the opportunity to explore the elements of a short story while also finding a supportive place to explore their own work and that of others. We will focus on the elements of writing short stories that make for vivid, effective writing across genres. Participants will also share their writing and ideas and discuss them in a positive and constructive manner, and we will do all of this while making new connections within our school!

Cost: $32 per student for the 4 week session (limit 12 students)
Dates: Thursday, Nov. 17th - Thursday, Dec. 15th
Time: 2:30-3:00
Location: Room 210, Prodigy wing

Please make checks payable to PTO. Please submit requests for financial assistance to Tom Drake.

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