CtO 2019 mini clinic sign up
Mini-clincs are again being held all across the country and we would like you to sign up early so that the host knows how many participants he will have.
If you want to attend more than three mini clinics please submit a second form but do NOT mark any response to the question about participation.

Aiken, SC (KAIK) - Hosted by Ronnie Mowery
Date will be February 22-24

Ocean Isle, NC (60J) - Hosted by Wayne Michelli
Date will be March 22-24 (Back up dates March 29-31)

Wadsworth, OH (3G3) - Hosted by Tony Harding
Date will be April 6-7 (Back up date April 13-14)

Sumner County, TN (KXNX) - Hosted by Dwane Ferguson
Date will be May 10-11 (Back up dates May 17-18)

Stockton, CA (KSCK) - Hosted by Dick Filson
Date will be May 4-5

Jefferson City, MO (KJEF) - Hosted by Chip Gentry
Date will be May 18-19 (Back up date)

Appleton, WI (KATW) - Hosted by Mike Spurlock
Date will be June 7-9

Gladwin, MI (KGDW) - Hosted by Mitch Kahn
Date will be June 21-23

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