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DEADLINE: December 5, 2020

Please provide a general concept of how you intend to apply advanced technology to fast-track your solutions to systemic racism. Technical expertise is not expected, however we must be able to determine how our technology partners could assist in taking your concept further. You may submit more than one project proposal.

Successful project examples by our partners:
Explore an introduction to AI:

Our technology partners will offer technology and mentorship to Grantees in-kind, and grants will support building capacity for Grantees to maintain and update their new technology solutions over time in addition to covering operating costs of the Racial Equity Accelerator program such as facilitators and legal fees. We will form a grant pool of $500K-$1M per Grantee for up to 10 Grantees. Depending on project models, Grantees may receive ongoing consulting from the Racial Equity Accelerator team after the program.

Collaboration between Grantees and technology innovators will be facilitated during early-mid 2021. Scheduling is subject to change.
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Impact: How will the proposed project address a racial equity challenge, and to what extent? How is it grounded in research and data about the problem and the solution? What are the expected outcomes? *
Feasibility: What meaningful datasets, technical expertise, and other factors would you access to apply technology to the problem? What partners and domain experts would be needed or preferred for implementation? What other resources would be needed to execute on the proposal, and what resources do you have in place to do so thus far? *
Scalability: If successful, how can this project scale beyond the initial proposal? Can it scale directly, serve as a model or resource for other efforts, or advance the field? *
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