2019 SD Zine Fest | Exhibitor Application
Thank you for applying to this years San Diego Zine Fest. We look forward to seeing everyones application. All applications are subject to review before an EXHIBITOR CONFIRMATION STATUS is sent via email.

All update emails are sent once applications close and we've reviewed all applicants. We really appreciate everyone's patience during this process. If you have any question before then, please feel free to emails us at sdzinefest@gmail.com. Please always include registered exhibitor name in any correspondence.

For more fest or exhibitor details there's an Exhibitor Q&A page located on our website. Again we look forward to seeing everyones submissions.

Thank you for your continued support,
-All of us from the San Diego Zine Fest

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SAN DIEGO ZINE FEST POLICY /// The San Diego Zine Fest is a collectively shared space wherein all peoples involved are respected. For this and a number of other reasons, San Diego Zine Fest will not host zines or people that hope to promote racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of discrimination. By marking this box you are in agreement. *
'MERCH' POLICY /// We will not allow the selling of merch due to space limitations & venue terms. What is considered ‘Merch' (aka merchandise)? Anything that does not cosine with zines. Exceptions are buttons, patches, stickers and any items you are giving away with your zine/s. By marking this box you are in agreement. If you have any questions about this please email us. Thank you for helping us respect these terms. -SDZF *
SAFETY FIRST POLICY /// By marking this box you are in agreement that San Diego Zine Fest participants are responsible for their own conduct and personal well being during and at the San Diego Zine Fest. Also, registrants accompanied by attendees are responsible for the attendees conduct and personal well being during and at the San Diego Zine Fest. *
Deadline, July 20th. Don't delay your chances, please try and complete step 2 soon after step 1.
To complete your application, please email one zine cover photo (example below). Both black & white or color photos are acceptable submissions. Dont stress over this too much, we'd just like a visual idea of your zine. Please include your submitted exhibitor name in the email as well. (sdzinefest@gmail.com).
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