Rank the Maps!
Every 50 people that submit a valid response I will upgrade someone randomly. I will copy paste the 50 names into a random list generator and the person on top gets the upgrade. (I will do this unless it gets overwhelmingly costly)
This is for a few things actually.
1) What maps do people play?
2) What is the most beloved map?
3) Simple curiosity on my part.

I see the map makers generating map after map. I wonder If people even play some of the maps in the game... This could add valuable feedback before someone spends 200 man hours of work on a map. Also a mapmaker can see what people like and steal ideas.

Please keep this as honest and legit as possible.
I have not checked SAS yet, but my guess is that I will need at least a power of 200 people answering to make this sort of statistically relevant. ( I realize there are too many holes to make this 100% scientific).

What is your user name in Game? *
This will only be seen by me. I swear. This is only so I can watch for people submitting more than once. I will randomly send in game pm to check for validity.
What is the all time best CC map? *
What is your all time second favorite map? *
3rd best map? *
4th best map? *
The 5th best map in the game is .... ? *
The best map in the last 8 months to be released? (Maps currently in beta count) *
The winner of this will probably get an upgrade.
Finally, what map are you most excited about that is in the foundry currently but not yet released?
This is an optional selection as most people do not follow the foundry.
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