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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Lincoln Christian School. Your volunteer contribution is highly valued. At Lincoln Christian, our first commitment is to our students. We take very seriously our responsibility to safeguard students while they are in our care. To protect against that risk, the school has implemented a volunteer screening program. The program involves potential school volunteers completing a brief questionnaire online or in the office and in some cases agreeing to allow a background check. All personal information involved in this process, including birth date, social security number, driver’s license number, and the results of the background check are held in the strictest confidence, by the Superintendent or another school administrator designated by the Superintendent and will not be released to any other party without the volunteer’s consent, unless otherwise required by local, state, or federal law. This form should only take a few moments of your time. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but believe it is a necessary aspect of ensuring student safety. We appreciate your help in assisting us care for our students.

After completing the forms, (if a Level 3 volunteer) your name will be submitted for a background check. The school office will contact you once the screening process is complete. If you have any questions please contact the Superintendent’s Office.
Screening Requirements for ALL Volunteers

~Be sponsored by a school employee.
~Be able to present a form of current government-issued photo identification.
~Complete and submit volunteer forms and application.
~Sign in at the School office on the “Volunteer/Visitor” sign in forms.
~Be required to display a volunteer identification badge to be returned at the end of the day’s volunteer activity.
~Volunteer drivers for field trips must have a current driver’s license and provide proof of liability insurance. Volunteer drivers are encouraged to notify their insurance agent of the general nature of providing volunteer school transportation to ensure that appropriate coverage is in place. Lincoln Christian School reserves the right to request higher coverage limits in order to adequately protect students and staff from potential risks when traveling with a volunteer.

Volunteering Information

1.  Level 1 -  General volunteers are individuals who typically assist non-classroom volunteers, non-classroom assistants, and functions associated with other school related organizations.

2.  Level 2 - Classroom volunteers are individuals who work with children and are generally supervised by school staff. This could include direct contact with supervision. Typical examples could include room parent, classroom assistants, media center helpers, chaperones, and field trip drivers. Conditions typically are classrooms or areas where staff or other adults can observe. These occasionally include short solitary times with a group of children and short duration of obstructed view.

3.  Level 3 - Background checks are required if the volunteer may be unsupervised by school staff when working with unrestricted exposure in small group settings or with individual children. This volunteer likely will have direct and unsupervised interaction with children on or off campus. Typical examples could include athletic coaches and assistants, classroom aides, overnight chaperones, and substitute teachers.

Volunteer Expectations

I agree to:
1.  Support and supplement the instructional program of the classroom teacher.
2.  Be prompt, dependable, and regular in attendance.
3.  Always do what is in the best personal and educational interest of every student.
4.  Know and observe all school policies and procedures. Submit to the rules, recommendations, and requests of the immediate supervisor.
5.  Where appropriate, know what to do in case of fire, inclement weather, accident reporting, and emergency responses.
6.  In cases where a student confides in me about a situation which may involve abuse or neglect, I agree to notify the Superintendent or building principal and will cooperate with the school administrator in any follow-up action.
7.  Leave personal concerns and pressures at home and school problems at school.
8.  Notify my immediate supervisor and/or co-workers of any hazardous situation or conditions discovered in the course of my volunteer service. I understand that I may not be covered under the school’s insurance coverage. (Volunteers should consult with their own insurance agents regarding the extension of their personal insurance to include volunteer work.)
9.  Always be aware of your location with a student. I agree to avoid situations where I may be alone with a student or students and out of sight of other adults.
10.  I agree, I will not take a student off-site or give them a ride in my personal vehicle without the knowledge and explicit permission of the student’s parent, teacher, and/or appropriate school administrator.
11.  Be prudent with any type of physical contact with students. I agree not to use any form of physical discipline unless the safety of the student or another person is at risk.
12.  In the event that I have access to any confidential student information protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, including but not limited to student academic or financial information, I agree not to disclose such information to any party unless directed to do so by the Superintendent or as may be required by local, state, or federal law.
13.  Strive to provide a positive Biblical role model for those students with whom I interact.
14.  Cell Phone Usage – Cell phones are not to be used while in the classroom or anytime while responsible for students other than in case of an emergency.
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I affirm that the following statements are true: I have not been charged with, arrested for, or convicted of any felony. *
I affirm that I have not sexually assaulted or exploited any minor or physically abused any minor, and I have not sexually or physically abused or exploited any minor or developmentally disabled person or to have abused or financially exploited any vulnerable adult. *
I affirm that I do not use controlled substances. *
Verification / Agreement - I certify that I have made true, correct, and complete answers and statements on this application in the knowledge that they may be relied upon in considering my volunteer application. I understand it is my responsibility to immediately provide updated correct information if any application information changes at any time. I understand that any omission, falsification, or misrepresentation made by me on this application or any supplement to it will be sufficient grounds to not allow me to volunteer or terminate placement. If I am a Level 3 volunteer, I agree to allow a background check to be completed, and consent to the disclosure of my social security number and date of birth for such purpose. If I will be a field trip driver, I consent to a driving record check, if the school determines such a check to be appropriate.  Please Print Your Full Name and Date: *
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