Sickle Cell Society Children's Holiday 2020 Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Sickle Cell Society Children's Holiday 2020. We couldn't run the holiday without people like you - we hugely appreciate your interest

The Children's Holiday 2020 will run from the 16th - 20th August at Academy St Albans. Transport will be provided from Nottingham but it is only a very short 20 minute train journey from London. If you are interested in coming to volunteer please fill in the form below. You will only be able to volunteer at the Children's Holiday 2020 if:

- You complete the below form
- You attend a short volunteer suitability interview with a member of the SCS Children's Holiday Team - this can be done online if needed.
- You provide two references
- You complete a DBS check (if you have not had one for the Sickle Cell Society in the past three years)
- You attend the training sessions - this could be a couple of evenings and/or a full days training the day before the holiday

All information on this form is confidential and will only be seen by Grace and Jessica, the children's holiday team. We will be in touch if we are able to offer you a volunteering place.

Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to meeting you soon.
Full Name *
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I am able to volunteer at the Children's Holiday 2020 for... (please note that volunteers who can give their time for the whole week will get priority due to needing to provide a continuous level of care for the children) *
If you are only able to volunteer for part of the week, please select the dates that you would like to volunteer
I would like to travel to the holiday... *
During the holiday we will be splitting into three teams (Bears, Tigers and Lions). Each team will have volunteers assigned to it - this will be your team for the week. The Bears are generally aged between 8 and 10, the Tigers aged between 11 and 13 and the Lions between 13 and 15. What group would you prefer to volunteer with? Please rank the groups in order of preference. *
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There will be various different volunteer roles available for you at camp. Which of these roles would you be happy/able to do? Please contact Grace if you have any questions. *
Are you a doctor or nurse? *
Do you have sickle cell? We will be offering a slightly different volunteer programme for those with sickle cell in order to ensure that the teams are balanced and everyone gets enough rest (but also to ensure that the kids have peer to peer support) - it is very important that you disclose this. It will not affect your application to volunteer - we welcome volunteers with and without sickle cell. *
Do you have a disability or a medical condition that we need to be aware of during the holiday? If so, please tell us below, making clear any adaptations that we will need to make for you to volunteer (e.g. rest breaks etc) *
Your answer
Do you have any dietary requirements that you need to tell us to be aware of (e.g. vegetarian, halal, gluten intolerant etc)? If so please tell us below *
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Emergency Contacts - please provide the full name, relationship to you and phone number(s) of a person who we can contact in an emergency *
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I give permission for photos/videos of me whilst I am volunteering to be used... (please mark all that apply) *
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