Lifeguard Service Request Form
Thank you for considering Backyard Lifeguards!  Please provide all information requested so that we may promptly confirm service availability.  Please note that incomplete or incorrect forms may cause a delay in response.  
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Host First and Last Name *
Email Address *
Request reply will be sent to this account.  Please check for a response after one business day.
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Second Phone
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Event Site Street Address *
City, State, and Zip Code *
Provide local municipality name.  Use "St. Louis" only if the address is in the City of St. Louis.
Does host own the property located at this address? *
Responding EMS District *
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THIS INFORMATION IS ACCURATE.  While we don't anticipate an incident requiring Emergency Medical Services, we MUST know what city or district will respond.  Before answering this question, please call the non-emergency police department number for your event site address to confirm the EXACT NAME of the responding emergency services provider.
Nearest Major Intersection *
Please provide two cross-street names.
Parking Instructions *
Please provide information that may assist lifeguards with access and departure.
Event Name *
Please name your event!  Names like "Jimmy's 5th Birthday", "Murphy Family Reunion", or "Judd School Graduation" help us inform lifeguards while keeping your personal information private, except to those ultimately assigned.
Event Day *
Event Date *
Backyard Lifeguards can accommodate most events booked at least one to two weeks in advance.  Service requested within 5 days of the event requires prompt completion of contract and deposit and is subject to lifeguard availability.
Event Start Time *
Minimum booking time two hours.  Included with service, lifeguard/s will arrive 30 minutes ahead of scheduled event start.  Please list the time lifeguard/s are to begin supervision, exclusive of set-up.
Event End Time *
Please provide anticipated end time.  Included with service, lifeguards may take up to 30 minutes to complete closing duties.  Hosts may request additional time once an event is in progress.
Multiple Bookings
Customers may book multiple events at one time.  If requesting additional dates and times at the same location, please list them below.
Special Occasion
Honoree Name/s and Age/s (if youth)
Theme Parties (optional)
Clients may opt for hourly lifeguard service or an all-inclusive small-group theme party.  Theme parties include one lifeguard to supervise and another to conduct themed games and activities for 30-45 minutes of a two-hour engagement.  Cost for each theme party below is $300.  Max 12 children.
Number of Participants *
The number of lifeguards is determined by the number of participants to be in the water at one time.  Hosts are expected to engage the number of lifeguards appropriate to the supervision ratios outlined.  
Should the ratio be exceeded without notice, Backyard Lifeguards will enforce the ratio by restricting the bather load.  Convenience fee charged for lifeguards added to any event in progress.
Age Range of Participants *
Special Considerations
If you are aware of any person/s to be in attendance with a disability, medical condition, or diagnosis that may require accommodation, additional attention, or advance knowledge by the lifeguard, please provide participant name/s and condition/s below.
Will alcoholic beverages be served to anyone at the event site? *
Anything else you'd like us to know?
Each event is special.  If you have a request for a particular Backyard Lifeguard team member that you know and like, or if there are details you'd like communicated to the lifeguards, such as where to park, additional rules to enforce, or that it's a surprise, just tell us.
How did you hear about Backyard Lifeguards? *
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We will reply to your request within one business day.  If you should have questions in the meantime, please email, or leave a message at 314.330.4188, so that we may contact you by phone.  We look forward to serving you.
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