MC Law Clinic Application - Summer 2019
Plan to work about 150 total hours during the SUMMER semester in one of the law clinics.
Please complete this form if you are interested in applying for a spot in ANY of the clinics offered 2019 SUMMER SEMESTER. You must have completed at least 45 credit hours prior to working in a clinic. Please complete only ONE form for all SUMMER clinics. Each clinic receives 3 credit hours. You should review the descriptions of the clinical opportunities at prior to applying. Please check all clinics in which you are willing to accept a spot if selected. All clinics have limited spaces available. Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by the instructor of that particular clinic to arrange an interview. APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEGINNING MARCH 5 2019. INTERVIEWS WILL BEGIN IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS. All efforts will be made to place you in one of your top selections. Application process for each clinic will end when placements are filled for that clinic.
Email address *
For SUMMER 2019 placement, please check ALL clinics in which you are willing to accept a spot if selected (you will be able to rank your choices in the next section) *
If you selected more than one clinic above, please rank them below. You will be contacted by the instructor for an interview (Please rank your choices as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. ONLY rank clinics in which you are willing to accept a position. Although you may apply for as many clinics as you like, please remember that you will only receive one placement offer *
How many J.D. credit hours will you have completed PRIOR to beginning work in the clinic? (All clinics require that the student will have completed at least 1/2 of coursework required for graduation, or a minimum of 45 credit hours) *
Will you be taking an externship during semester you will work in a clinic? (You must get prior approval from Dean Copeland) *
If you will be employed during the semester you will work in a clinic, approximate number of hours you will work per week. Please answer n/a if you will not be working at the same time you take a clinic. *
Do you plan to participate in a moot court competition or another activity that will involve a significant time commitment during the semester you will work in a clinic? *
What is your GPA as of the end of FALL 2018? *
Please provide a brief interest statement explaining your interest in the indicated clinic(s). An Interest Statement is a short statement (usually one paragraph) describing your rationale and any information that is relevant to the clinical placement choices you have selected. If you have a pre-existing interest in a particular type of legal practice or a known interest in doing a certain type of work, your interest statement should include that information. *
I will email my resume to upon completing this application. If a resume is not received, your application will not be considered. *
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