Philharmonic Absence Form: 2018-19 season
All GTCYS members are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts. Consistent attendance at rehearsals, dress rehearsals, retreats, and concerts is essential to GTCYS’ educational and musical quality. Remember, consistent rehearsal attendance benefits not only you, but also your orchestra, since practicing at home is about learning your part, and rehearsals are about learning everyone else’s part.

If you must be absent, complete this form as soon as you know of your expected absence. Please remember that students should make every effort not to be absent for sectionals. Dress rehearsals, concerts, and retreats are mandatory. If students must be absent for a chair seating audition, they must send a recording in advance to by the Friday preceding their expected absence.

Philharmonic Students are allowed the following absences:
• 2 ABSENCES during the first concert period: September 11 – December 2 concert
• 2 ABSENCES during the second concert period: January 8 – February 24 concert
• 2 ABSENCES during the third concert period: February 26 – May 5 concert

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Date of expected absence *
What number absence is this (per concert cycle)? For late arrivals, early departures, and other special circumstances, please select “other” and explain. *
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If you reach the excused absence limit for your concert period, you will receive a notice from the GTCYS office informing you that you are not allowed any more absences for that concert period.

If you exceed exceed the excused absence limit, you will receive a notice from the GTCYS office informing you that you are now ineligible for GTCYS activities until the beginning of the next concert period. No refunds will be issued in this situation. In special circumstances, conductors may make exceptions to the attendance policy, and may require students who have exceeded their allowed absences to perform excerpts from the current concert repertoire to demonstrate their preparedness despite their absences. Please contact GTCYS Program Director Miranda Bryan at with questions.

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