E-Commerce Sellers Survey
The purpose of the survey is to identify the pain points of small and medium sized e-commerce businesses in forecasting their demands and planning their inventory well.

The results would be used as inputs to prioritize and refine feature for an Forecasting and Inventory Planner app I am developing particularly to address this sector.
I am currently employed full-time and this is my personal side project which I am working on during my weekends and vacations :) .
Please read this blog post to know more about the background and motivation behind this. https://skulogi.com/blog/smart_inventory_planner/

Your inputs would be invaluable in developing the right solution and as a token of appreciation I would like to offer the following to all participants.

1) EARLY ACCESS of Beta Product (once completed).
2) Extended FREE TRIAL (upto 3 Months).
3) 40% Discount for those who would like to subscribe to an annual plan at the end of free trials.
4) A white-glove on-boarding when converting to a paid plan. (i.e 1-on-1 calls to support setup and use the product, discuss custom feature/integration requests or any other queries.)

In addition to above 1 randomly selected participant would get an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker as FREE GIFT.

(Subject to availability in the participants region or an equivalent item/cash voucher).
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Email id would only be used to uniquely identify participants for the lucky draw and for any further communication on these topics which would only be continued by your consent. The email id will not be shared with anyone and I will never spam you, ever.
1. What channels do you use to sell goods currently ? (Select all applicable) *
2. If you use own website ,what platform is it built on ? *
3. Marketplace where you sell ? (Select all applicable) *
4. How many unique Articles (SKUs) are in your offering ? *
6. How many orders do you get per Month on an average ? (Combined across all channels ?) *
5. Do you stock and manage physical inventory ? (Answer would be No in case you are exclusively doing drop-shipping and most likely Yes in all other cases.) *
7. Do you manufacture your own products , i.e. you purchase raw materials from suppliers and produce the goods you sell yourself ? *
8. Select all that's applicable to your business. *
9. What tools do you use to manage inventory ?(If you use an external inventory management software, please specify it in "Other") *
10. Do you use any tool for sales or demand forecasting ? (Specify any software tools in "Other" option) *
11. Please describe the biggest pain point or challenge you face in terms of inventory and stock management , replenishment planning and order forecasting. *
12. Can this pain point be solved by a software ? If so what would its key features be? Please feel free to describe in detail. *
13. Do you believe that using a software that gives visibility on aspects like actual inventory costs, over stocks, out of stock, optimum replenishment cycles and quantities for articles, expected future demands etc. you could potentially decease your inventory costs, increase sales and there by grow your business faster ? *
14. What is the average monthly revenue (total sales) of your business at the moment in US Dollar. *
15. What is the maximum amount you are willing to pay on monthly subscription for the right software that can help you with forecasting and inventory planning ? (In US Dollars) Hint: Decide the amount based on the order volumes. As an example, If the software could reduce your inventory holding and lost sales cost by 20% will spending half of that amount on this tool be OK ? (You can also suggest any another value in "Other" option) *
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