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Work for the local authority? Can we ask you a straightforward question?
Before we ask you that straightforward question, and if you are a UNISON member working for the local authority, SurveyU is your chance to have your say about your terms and conditions. In the near future we`ll be asking you a series of questions related to the loss of T&C`s in 2016. Having your say couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is take part in the first of our completely confidential workplace surveys! Know a work colleague who isn’t a member who would like to join and have their say? Joining Tameside`s biggest and best trade union couldn’t be easier!

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Before you answer our first question, just take a moment to consider some of what you`ve lost over recent years. Below are some of the concerns that we hear most. On top of a decade of below inflation pay rises and the fact that most spinal points have been devalued by 21.8% in real terms, which we know has demoralised the workforce, there are also those less perceptible losses that aren’t always apparent until they affect you. For example, in 2016 ………

1. Occupational Sick Pay was reduced from 6 months full and 6 months half pay to 3 months full and 3 months half pay. Just think about what that means to you as an individual in terms of lost income should you be unfortunate enough to become ill with a condition that may need a phase of recovery that exceeds the current period of Occupational Sick Pay. This when local authority sickness rates are now over double those for the economy as a whole and sickness caused by work-related stress, depression or anxiety are all now acute issues within this sector. In real terms you could lose out on 4.5 months sick pay, and then on top of that, run the risk of being dismissed on grounds of medical incapacity in half the time once OSP has expired.

2. Bank holidays saw a loss of additional time off in in lieu for those contracted to work

3. Even Christmas closure means that you’ve lost pay in the form of enhancements as well as the discretionary time off in lieu that was awarded for many years. Not to mention the fact that on occasion you’ve got to set aside more annual leave to cover Christmas closure. Not everyone wants to use their annual leave for a prolonged period over this period.

So, to that straightforward question: Would you be prepared to support the branch asking the council to return all employees to pre-2016 T`s & C`s? NB: This is NOT a formal industrial action ballot; it is a first membership survey to assist the branch in making an informed decision based on your views. Although this is not a formal industrial action ballot it is extremely important that every member takes part so that your representatives can make decisions based on the broadest possible member participation. The consultative survey is entirely confidential and you cannot be identified by any party.
Would you be prepared to support the branch asking the council to return all employees to pre-2016 T`s & C`s? *
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