Grade 7 ELA "Presidents' Test"
Directions: Read the article, Telling Plastic to 'Bag It' and answer questions 1 through 7.
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1. The Seattle activist's use of the phrase "gut-wrenching" in line 4 suggests that learning about the plastic bags in the whale's belly was
2. Why does the author include information about plastic bottles in lines 41 through 45
3. In lines 52 through 58 of the article, the author explains events surrounding a citywide vote. Based on this information, readers can infer that
4. Which evidence from the article suggests that plastic-bag bans are effective?
5. The author of the article balances different points of view on the issue of banning plastic bags by including
6. Which statement is supported by sufficient evidence from the article?
7. The author most likely include "Plastic Bags: By the Numbers" at the end of the article to
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