Darren Little’s Mentorship Application
Why people want to work with me?

- Generated over $1.6 Million from my Facebook wall.
- Trained tens of thousands of people online and helped create dozens of rags to riches stories.
- Learn the strategies I implemented to make as much as $165,000 in a single month online.
- Learn the strategies I taught a 17-year-old kid to make $50,000 online in his first 6 weeks.
- Learn how to generate unlimited red hot targeted leads for any business.
- Learn how to dominate the leaderboards in every company you market.
- Get to actually meet my students and connect with them on a personal level.
- A minimum start up budget of $1349 US to earn $1000 US commissions daily.
- Must be open to constructive criticism (Do not take it personal, it's business).
- Willing to be on the path of personal development daily.
- Willing to invest at least 1-2 hours/day.
- I'm only accepting 20 new students this month so be detailed about
why I should choose you.
- I look at applications once a week.
(You will receive a text, phone call or email if you're chosen for the mentorship spot)

Keep in touch with me on my social media:
FACEBOOK: www.FB.com/DarrenLittle007
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