Creative Redditch
We are trying to win some Arts Council money for Redditch, and to do that we need your help. We need your views about culture, arts, heritage and creativity in Redditch, and how it can be developed in the future. We're interested in whatever you think are creative activities. Digital arts? Knitting? Computer games? Model railways? It's up to you.
What sorts of entertainment do you enjoy watching outside your home in Redditch?
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Where you mainly enjoy watching entertainment outside your home in Redditch?
What sort of creative activities do you enjoy taking part in?
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Where do you mainly enjoy taking part in creative activities?
What do you believe are Redditch’s strengths, in entertainments and creative activities?
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What entertainments and creative activities could people improve in Redditch?
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What changes would you like to make to entertainment and creative activities in Redditch?
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