2023 - 2024 Registration/Application for St. Christopher School
Please READ this section CAREFULLY!

1. Please type answers with correct spelling and format as what you input will be used to pull for our Student management system, mailing labels, etc.

2.  To begin the registration process, you must do one of two things: Pay a $50.00 registration fee - OR - If you qualify for the Choice Scholarship, you must submit your 2022 Federal 1040 tax paperwork. The registration/application process is not started until you have done one of these two things!

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Parent completing this registration (please type first and last name) *
Is your family new to St. Christopher School?  (New = You did not have children attend St. Christopher School during the 2022 - 2023 school year.) *
List the name/names of the person/people who are responsible for tuition (First and last name): *
Are you applying for the voucher (Indiana Choice Scholarship)?  If so, you MUST submit a copy of your 2022 federal 1040 to the school office or to tuition@stchrisindy.org *
If you are paying full tuition or have a remaining balance after a scholarship, how will you pay? *
Are you... ? *
Address: (Example: 5335 W. 16th Street) *
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Parish Information: *
If you are a parish member, what is your envelope number?
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Parent 2:
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Student's first name (Child 1, start with the youngest child):   *
Student's middle name: *
Student's last name: *
Student is entering grade: *
This child is: *
What name does child use?  (For example, if the name is Michael, do they go by Michael or Mike?)  This is what the teacher will expect the child to learn to write for our younger students. *
Birthdate: *
Was this child born outside of the United States? *
Birthplace: (Name of the country) *
Does this child speak and/or understand any language other than English? *
What is the primary language spoken in the household? *
Has this child been baptized Catholic? *
If this child has been baptized into a different faith, what is the name of the religion?
Name of church where child was baptized:
Date of this child's baptism:
Student lives with: *
Send school correspondence to: *
Ethnicity: Is this child Hispanic/Latino? *
Race: *
Does this child have any allergies or medical conditions of which we should be aware? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please explain:
I understand that every family is expected to complete 20 "volunteer hours" throughout the school year or be responsible for a $300.00 fee if not completed. Mark your initial to indicate knowledge of this expectation. 
We  love to have active volunteers helping and getting to know one another in our school community.  For the following sections, please indicate your interest level by marking "yes" or "no" for each opportunity.  (You aren't signing up for anything... just marking your interest!) *
PTP Board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) *
Auction Committee (helping to plan the school's largest annual fundraising event) *
Selling trash bags after weekend Masses, once a month *
Organizing Restaurant Fundraisers (setting up events with restaurants where the school earns money through our families eating there on a particular day) *
Marketing /Enrollment Committee *
Classroom representative (to help with communication among parents in that classroom, assist the teacher with special projects, be in charge of a class auction project, etc.) *
Help teachers with "take home work" such as cutting items, organizing papers, cutting laminated materials, etc. *
Plan and execute "Breakfast with Santa" *
Plan and organize Grandparents' Day *
Uniform Exchange *
Parking Lot Assistant (dismissal) *
If you have another specific gift/talent you would like to share, please list it here:
I understand that students are expected to arrive at school by 7:55 a.m. in order to have time to be in their seat, in the classroom, for the start of the day at 8:00 a.m. Mark your initials to indicate knowledge of this expectation. *
Are you registering another child? *
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