2020-2021 Return to School Preferences
With the end of the 2019-2020 school year, it is natural to start looking ahead to the 2020-2021 school year. At this point, we do not know what next year will look like. We take our primary direction from Ventura County Public Health and the California Department of Education, which is directed by the Governor’s office. While there has been much discussion about what could happen come August 12 (our first day of school), we have not received any definitive instructions from these agencies. As soon as we know what guidelines might be in place that will shape how we handle the reopening of our schools, we will inform our community.

In order to explore various options, we would like to ask our community about their preferences with regard to returning to school next year. We will refer to your feedback as we continue to work with Ventura County Public Health and other governmental agencies to ensure an exceptional educational experience for all students.

Because we know that the current experiences with Distance Learning can vary greatly among classes, teachers and grades, we ask that you please complete this form for each of your children enrolled in Simi Valley Schools. Thank you for your help and have a great summer.
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Educational Options for 2020-2021
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent health and safety requirements, the Simi Valley Unified School District is exploring various educational options for the 2020-2021.

Traditional Model: Students are on campus, as always. At this point, this is not permitted in the State of California. However, it may be possible at the start of the next school year (2020-2021).

Hybrid Model: Students are on-campus for part of a day or part of a week. The rest of the week is completed through Distance Learning.

Distance Learning Model: This will be an organized, coordinated online instruction and communication learning experience.

Below, please rank your preferences for each of these models.
Please select one 1st choice, one 2nd choice, and one 3rd choice. See above for definitions. *
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3rd Choice
Traditional Model
Hybrid Model
Distance Learning Model
Was child care a consideration when selecting a preferred model of instruction from above?
Due to circumstances out of our control because of COVID-19, we may be required to close schools again and revert to a Distance Learning Model or provide a Hybrid Model. How important are the following aspects of Distance Learning for Fall 2020?
Very important
Not Important
Not an option for my family
Live online meetings or lessons with teachers and staff (through Zoom, Google Classroom or some other video conference system)
Established live online/virtual office hours with teachers and staff (through Zoom, Google Classroom or some other video conference system)
Pre-recorded assignments or lessons that can be accessed and completed at anytime through an online platform
Group, collaborative projects
Flexibility with schedule
Online discussions (Discussion boards, blogs, chat rooms, video conferencing)
Consistent method of communicating with students
Consistent method of collecting work from students
Consistent use of technology to communicate (e.g. email, Aeries, Google Classroom, Remind, Zoom, etc...)
Internet access
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