Form No Form - Art Vendor Submission
Form No Form is a 24 hr interactive visual channel celebrating artists of color.
Customers can view content, engage with one another and shop artwork on our site.
We exist as a growing holistic ecosystem, supporting artists of color at multiple angles.

Who sells art on Form No Form?
We are medium-agnostic. We accept artists whose work we love. We are onboarding 12 artists a
month into our shop. We slowly bring on artists so that we can give them direct attention, help
monitor sales, engage with the press and communicate with customers on their behalf.

How does it work?
It's like Depop for art. You control everything from onboarding items, to pricing and shipping.

What’s the commission split?
Form No Form's commission is 7% and standard payment processing fees are 3% of the retail price.
For all of June, 100% of sales will go to the artists on the site.
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