New Player 2023 Registration Form      Glen Cairn Ladies Fast Pitch League                     (GCLSL)
Registration form for NEW Players wishing to join our fun and exciting league. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: This submission will automatically add you to our wait list. As we have space, you will be contacted. If you have moved from wait list to roster you will be notified quickly.
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2023 Tournaments
Two tournaments will be held during the season.  For planning purposes, the dates are:

May Tournament: May 26-28, 2023
September Tournament: Sept 8-10, 2023  
2023 Fees and Payment:

$200 – Includes yearly league fees and Kanata Sports Club membership for the year.
$240 – Includes 50/50 weekly draws for the full season. Two draws a week.
*Fees to be paid once registrant has moved from the waiting list to the players list. If there is no waiting list, registrant will be asked to pay fees immediately and will be drafted on a team.  Arrangements will be made at that time.
** Installments - registration can be paid in full or in 2 installments. If paying by installment, $100 must be sent with registration and $100 is due by February 28, 2023.

League Waiver and Disclaimer *
Selection of players is done as a draft format, so we can not take any requests from players with respect to who they would like to play with. Members of the league will be taking photos/videos during games and league events. These photos will be used for league purposes only.  We also need all to be aware this is a FAST PITCH League, which means the style of ball is much different than softball/slow pitch leagues. We expect to see players that have a knowledge of the rules of softball and knowledge that may come from playing fast pitch in the past. On behalf of myself and my personal representatives, I hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless, the Glen Cairn Ladies Softball League of, and from, any claim for loss, damages or personal injuries that occur during the 2023 playing season, however caused.
Code of Conduct *
Glen Cairn Ladies Softball League Code of Conduct Fair Play is defined as much more than playing within the rules. It includes respect for others, always playing within the right spirit. Fair play is defined as a way of thinking, not just a way of behaving. Fair play is a positive concept. Integrity, fairness and respect are the principles of fair play.                                    Each Player will:• Respect and play by the rules.• Never argue with the officials. Comply with umpires’ decisions with dignity.• Control her temper.• Be a good sport.• Treat all players as you would like to be treated.• Co-operate with their Captain, team-mates, opponents, and umpires; without them, we don’t have a game.•  Be a positive role model for softball at all times.• Accept responsibility for their actions.• Participate within the competition conditions and rules, and in the spirit of fair play.• Refrain from offensive or abusive language or gestures.• Refrain from making derogatory or demeaning remarks about any player, captain, umpire or participant.•  Not tolerate, participate or respond to acts of abuse, disrespect or aggression.• Remember we all make mistakes.•  Respect the sport of softball and the facility where it is played.                                                                                           Each Player will not:•  Make any verbal comments or physical gestures about or toward anyone that could be considered offensive, derogatory, or abusive.•  Engage in any action that might be considered to be verbally or physically abusive.  •No tobacco products or alcohol shall be consumed by any person on the playing field, in the dugout or on the bench.  Tobacco consumption will be tolerated in the stands, but be aware that it is against City of Ottawa policy to smoke on city property.                                                                                                                                                                              If a player is ejected during a game – the player will be suspended for the next game. Review the Definitions of Misconduct and the Penalty for the offence in the Constitution, available on the GCLSL website (
League Philosophy *
1)The GCLSL is a recreational fastpitch league. 2)We play for fun first with a competitive spirit. 3)We like to win but we play for fun, respecting the differences in abilities, skill levels and experiences of our players. 4)We strive for equitable playing time for all players
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