Yale Tech NYC - Job Submission
Once a month, we will send out an email highlighting a handful of job opportunities at top NYC tech companies to our community of tech professionals and enthusiasts. Due to the volume of submissions we receive every month, we will most likely only be able to feature one role per company per email. Please feel free to submit a different role every month, and we'll make sure to include it.

Spend a little time crafting a short but detailed description of the role and the company, and be blunt about what you're looking for (e.g. ex-consultant, recent grad, experienced email marketer).

We will ignore all submissions that are just links to a job board posting, missing a description or personal contact. Priority will always be given to roles that are 1) based in NYC 2) with a company founded by a Yalie and/or 3) for which the hiring manager/ interviewer is a Yalie.

Please email Greg Hausheer (greg@yaletech.org) or Sissi Nie (sissi@yaletech.org) with any questions!

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