2020 RCV Signature Gathering Volunteer Form
Thank you for volunteering to collect signatures for the Ranked Choice Voting campaign! We want everyone to collect signatures safely and we'll have multiple ways to help during the collection timeframe. If you have additional questions, please email Brian Bass at brian.bass@voterchoice2020.org

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Will you help us recruit other volunteers to collect signatures? *
Do you have a printer at home if we needed you to print forms? *
Will you email our petition form to your friends and identified voters to ask them to print and sign? *
We are creating lists of registered voters to contact in your area to call them directly and ask if they would like to sign our form. Will you help call voters? *
Are you able to set up a signature table outside of your residence for voters to sign, while maintaining an appropriate distance from you? *
After we identify local voters who wish to sign our form, are you comfortable dropping off a signature paper to their residence with instructions on how to sign? *
Will you help us mail signature forms and instructions to VOTERS who cannot access the form via email or are unable to print out the form? *
If needed, can you help with data entry? *
If needed, can you help with quality control and form review? This is where we review signatures to see if they are valid before submitting to town clerks. *
If needed, will you bring completed sheets to town clerks for certification before June 17th? *
Do you have any questions for the campaign regarding signature collection?
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