Feedback for "T-Groups for Women" weekend workshop
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Thanks so much for attending and participating in our workshop! We value your honest feedback in order to better serve future participants and help them understand what they might experience in a T-group weekend.
Overall, how would you rate the event?
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Amazing! Absolutely worth attending!
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Are you likely to recommend our "T-Group for Women" or similar all-gender workshop (with combo female/male facilitators) to your friends/colleagues?
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What did you appreciate, gain or learn from the ALL-WOMEN format?
What did you like or value about the workshop in general?
What can you do better now than before the weekend? How will you use the learnings? What value/benefit will the experience add to your personal or professional life?
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What do you suggest we CHANGE (if anything) about the WEEKEND? What would enhance your recommendation or satisfaction?
Any feedback ( + or - ) about the PRE-WORKSHOP PREPARATION? (coaching, reading)
Any feedback about the instructional content? (Quantity, Clarity, Pacing, Presentation, Handouts, etc.)
Any comments about the facilitation?
... feedback for Jana?
... feedback for Tuquynh?
Is there anything else you'd like to say about the event or your experience?
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If it's ok for us to contact you if we have questions about your feedback, please provide your name here.
Thank you SO VERY MUCH! Your input is a tremendous help and will benefit future participants. Warmly, Jana & Tuquynh
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